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Sophia Health Institute

Sophia Health Institute is looking for a Naturopathic Physician to join our team. Sophia was founded by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and Dr. Christine Schaffner and provides innovative care for the treatment of complex chronic illnesses. Sophia has a unique clinical setting in

We are seeking a physician who would like to go through a 2-year training program and develop a long-term career path with Sophia. There are several career options after completing the 2- year program.

Sophia offers a wide range of treatment modalities including IV therapy, ozone, acupuncture, structural therapy, family constellation therapy, nutrition, PEMF, and has a detoxification spa that includes colon hydrotherapy, lymph drainage, saunas, and ionic foot baths. Sophia offers a plethora of learning opportunities and often hosts experts in the field of chronic illness to train the team.

• Conduct patient interviews, obtain and update patient’s medical and health histories, conduct standard medical and physical examination, and perform standard diagnostic tests in confirming suspected disease or ailment.
• Advise patients of treatment options in both conventional and naturopathic modalities with emphasis on Chronic Disease, Environmental Toxicity, Genetic Susceptibilities, Nutritional Deficiencies, etc.
• Administer and/or prescribe medical drugs, natural dietary supplements, and additional supportive services: Neural therapy, IV therapy, Detox therapies (colon hydrotherapy, lymph drainage, sauna therapy, etc.), Manuel therapies, etc.
• Assist Associate Physicians in all aspects of patient management.
• Rotation in IV Room
• Rotation in Detoxification Spa
• Rotation at Satellite Clinics
• Rotation in European Clinics
• Continuing education
• Clinical Research
• Other duties as assigned

• Assessment, treatment, and management of complex chronic illness
• Autonomic Response Testing
• Neural Therapy
• IV Therapy

• Fast learner
• Passionate
• Effective communicator
• Flexible
• Great work ethic
• Hard worker (many days are 10+ hours)
• Compassionate
• Detail oriented
• Dedicated
• Positive attitude
• Willing and able to take direction
• Adaptable
• Team player
• Loves learning
• Computer savvy
• 1-year previous clinical experience a plus

Naturopathic Doctor License in the State of Washington.

Competitive salary, health insurance, malpractice, paid time off, continuing education provided.

To learn more about this opportunity, please send your resume, cover letter, and references to:

Dr. Christine Schaffner


Sophia Health Institute
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