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Seeking ambitious, focused, knowledgeable and caring healthcare providers to join our team of providers (2 LAc, 2 LMT, 1 ND) in order to provide holistic healthcare to our community of patients. We are specifically interested in bringing on a massage therapist and chiropractor, though we would consider other practitioners and are open to possibilities (examples: mental health therapist, functional MD, CNM, ND/LAc, midwife/doula, etc.).

Practitioners who would make a great fit have at least 2 years experience in patient care. Additionally providers who are interested in becoming or are currently in-network with all major insurance carriers. Though the majority of our patients are female, we have about 35% male patients. Our new hires will be flexible in their specialties but might focus on female related health concerns.

At Vitalize we strive to provide top notch care to our patients while insuring their comfort. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be far outside the comfort zone of many Portlanders, by patiently meeting people where they are, we facilitate change without overwhelming or intimidating our patients.

With a strong knowledge in western medicine and continued research and study, we are a clinic who frequently works in collaboration with Western medicine therapies and providers. We often refer to Western providers and we have MD’s who refer their patients to us. Valuing this collaboration is key.

Whether you have a full schedule or you are building your practice from square one, a willingness to approach marketing with fresh ideas and energy is imperative. Vitalize has been open since 2011 and we have worked tirelessly to build, retain and engage our community of patients. The connections we make with our patients are the key to our success, people skills are paramount for any position at Vitalize.

We are located downtown Portland. We have many patients who are professionals in the downtown area. This is our market. We have 4 treatment rooms, 3 receptionists, and we are open 7 days a week. We have a full granule medicinally including single herbs and formulas. We also carry supplements, herbal patents, homeopathic remedies, and more.

Though we treat all conditions, our patients often fall in one of the following 5 categories; Females over 50 suffering from pain, mood disorders and menopausal symptoms, Young adults struggling to find their path, Patients in pain following an MVA, Patients struggling with infertility, and Healthy, fit professionals with aches and acute injuries related to physical activity, who work in the downtown area.


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