Nutritionist/ Food Coach

nutritionist/ food coach

Company Name: Wholeself Wellness

Job Duties: assist in the design, implementation and operation of our nutrition services offerings company wide.  marketing, sales, tracking and coaching of individual and groups on nutrition incorporating our food story perspective.



Key Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:  coaching and or psychology background including personal training or other direct service.  Must have taken Food Relationship Coaching elective at NUNM during studies to understand our unique approach to food and nutrition .  excellent customer service, communication and interpersonal skills required.  science wonks need not apply.  mature, organized, self motivated and team players only.



Company Culture: we are a whole person oriented organization that takes the position that our members need more support to implement what they already know about nutrition rather than more nutrition science.  our focus is to only teach our members the minimal amount of additional nutrition science needed to help them make progress, rather than make them the most knowledgeable about food.



Required Education and Experience:  MA nutrition counseling or similar degree

Hours: flexible and to be discussed

Compensation type and range: hourly at $20+/hr

Contact Name, phone number and email:  Ian rubin