NUNM Student Fellowship – Foundations Project

Naturopathic History Fellowship Position

A World in Balance $6,500.00 Naturopathic History Fellowship position will be awarded to an NUNM student May, 2016 effective for Spring Quarter, 2016 – Fall Quarter, 2017. Applications will be accepted until Friday, May 6, 2016. The income for this fellowship is taxable and students should check with their tax consultant regarding any scholarships or financial aid. 

  1. Especially suitable for students focused on a history, philosophy, and theory track, the scholar will work week-to-week closely with the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine (FNM) Executive Editor, FNM Production Editor and the FNM History Editor (Mitch Stargrove ND, LAc) to:
  2. Perform research and directed searches of historical and contemporary materials in the NUNM Library, Western State University Library, and items from private collections to support the completion of the FNM History section of the textbook, the Timeline of Naturopathic Medicine History and Professional Formation, and the Modern History of Naturopathic Medicine chapters.
  3. Enter into a Zotero database the materials collected (both electronic and scanned paper text).
  4. Enter citations and references into the manuscripts of the FNM works cited above.
  5. Organize FNM historical collection and archives with guidance from FNM Executive and History Editors.
  6. The scholar will be provided mentorship for their position and their future practice in monthly 60-90 minute meetings by profession elder Jim Lemkin, ND, CNS.

(An average of 6 hours/week or 26 hours/month for 18 months; flexible schedule for student exams and projects).

Mentorship Component

A mentorship component with Dr. Lemkin, an elder of the profession is included. Dr. Lemkin brings 30 plus years of experience as a naturopathic physician. His rich understanding of naturopathic philosophy, practice, and principles emphasizes systems, integral, and holistic theory. Because naturopathic medicine holds the keys to wellness in complex human adaptive systems, applying these keys (naturopathic concepts and the practices that follow from them) to wellness is essential in all life systems – business, environmental, socioeconomic, institutional, cultural, and political. Mentorship will also occur through working directly with seasoned Naturopathic scholars on the editorial team.


Fellowship Benefits for the Student’s Professional Career

  1. Knowledge, wisdom, and experience in naturopathic clinical practice, philosophy, scientific theory, and policy guided by the student’s interests/enquiries and Dr. Lemkin’s 30 years of experience in practice.
  2. Naturopathic philosophical, scientific, and theoretical wisdom imparted by working closely with  8 FNM Executive, Senior, History and Production Editors from around the world collectively possessing over 300 years of experience in naturopathic philosophy, traditional principles, research, advocacy and practice.
  3. In depth understanding of naturopathic medicine’s profession-advancing historical and contemporary events and initiatives that provides training to enable (a) future policy work through the profession’s organizations and (b) future academic work in the scholar’s career.
  4. Experience in preparing and supporting the publication of a scholarly work that provides training in authored works and in professional scholarship.
  5. Exposure to naturopathic medicine’s global advocacy initiatives to foster a healthy world as training in potential future advocacy work through the profession’s organizations.
  6. Opportunities throughout the 18 month Fellowship position to inquire on clinical cases.

Application Process

NUNM students interested in applying should submit the following to Pamela Snider ND, FNM Executive & Senior Editor (

  • One page essay describing why you are interested in this position, what you have done in naturopathic medical school or in other life experiences that has kindled your interest, what you bring to this position, how you see yourself utilizing this experience in your future professional career and in the evolution of how you live.
  • Resume
  • Contact information for two references who can speak of your past efforts in work and education as well as your passions for advancing health and naturopathic medicine.
  • 1 or 2 work samples (e.g. academic papers written, case reports written, position related personal writings, art, or graphics).