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Location: Harbor City, Calif
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I am a ND who has a practice in southern Los Angeles (Torrance area). I am retiring due to health issues and am looking to sell my practice. It is in a great location and has done very well over the years. I have had over 500 patients over the last 10 years and do little to no advertising (probably less than $50 a month). I do not see general health issues (well patients exams, earaches, etc) as I specialize in chronic disease (autoimmune, cancer support, digestive issues, autism, etc), however, a general practice arm could be added . A very large part of the practice is IV work, and another large part is cancer support. Also a huge part is autoimmune issues) I also do prolotherapy and PRP. I work out of a 3 story medical building and do not share the office – I have 3 rooms (IV room, exam room, and my appointment room) as well as waiting room and large office area. Being in a professional building (with UCLA, doctors, and dentists) makes a big difference when dealing with patients who have seen a dozen other doctors before myself – I started in an acupuncturist’s office and that was off-putting to many of the patients who came to me as their first experience out of the allopathic world.

A lot of equipment, supplies, last month rent/deposit, etc goes with the practice

I plan on closing up soon, in the next month or two – if interested -please email me and we can talk.

Stephen Knight ND


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