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Location: Riverhead, NY
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Integrative Healing Wellness seeks a Naturopathic Doctor to fill an associate position at our office located on Eastern Long Island at the Naturopathic Wellness Center(NWC). NWC is a busy and well established practice started by Ashley Lewin, ND. She was a respected and experienced Naturopathic doctor who devoted 20 years of her life to building NWC into the thriving practice it is today. The practice is an Integrative practice with a licensed Doctor of Osteopathy, Naturopathic Doctors and a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine.

The position provides a beautiful furnished office and an exceptional support staff. A large in-house herbal company provides the clinician with the use of over 60 professional formulas and over 200 single herbs for custom tinctures. There is a comprehensive collection of homeopathic medicines and a sizable medicinary for the patient’s convenience. The support staff provides all patient scheduling, inventory stocking, laboratory communications and all patient coordination. The office utilizes an electronic medical record so that you get to focus on patient care and building your practice.

Although there is ample opportunity to personalize your own practice, our current clientele is accustomed to basic naturopathic principles including nutritional, cardiovascular and hormonal assessment. Protocols are foundational and are centered on whole foods, correcting nutritional deficiencies and addressing specific health complaints.

There is an ongoing referral base for new patients and significant potential for growth in the rapidly expanding area. Our practice is conveniently and strategically located between the North and South forks of Eastern Long Island. Specializing in female health is beneficial and would be potentially filling a niche.

NWC patients have come to expect a high level of care and the center seeks a bright and passionate ND to apply ASAP. Please consider this opportunity if you are self- motivated, enthusiastic, and comfortable with change. You need to be honest in your assessment of your own skills and be willing to adapt to your patient’s needs.

We have a professional and low stress office with attention to our patients comfort and well-being. The environment among the practitioners and staff is one of courtesy and respect. We freely share ideas, concerns and constructive criticism.

The current associates, Mychael Seubert, ND, Erica Waters, ND and Erika Jurasits, DO look forward to welcoming the incoming doctor.

Please send an email with your resume to: admin@integrativehealingwellness.com

Our website is: www.Naturopathic-WellnessCenter.com


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