medical practitioner wanted – preferably ND LAc

Location: Beaverton, Oregon
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Singing River Natural Medicine is a rapidly growing, dynamic medical clinic in Beaverton owned and operated by a highly regarded naturopath/acupuncturist with over twenty-one years of experience as a primary care physician. In addition to treating maladies of all types and nurturing her patients towards healthy lifestyles and habits, she is a recognized expert in treating chronic debilitating diseases as well as neurological injuries and illnesses. We provide primary and specialized naturopathic care and acupuncture to people of all ages, races and socio-economic backgrounds.
Singing River is currently developing a plan to expand our practice to include other naturopaths and acupuncturists as well as counselors, physical and massage therapists, energy workers and other practitioners of the healing arts to create a comprehensive healing center that addresses all aspects of healing and provides education and support to the local community. Please visit our website ( for more information about our clinic, especially our Mission and Values (Who We Are).
Singing River is seeking an experienced and medical practitioner, ideally ND, LAc or similar credentials – who can seamlessly step into the role as clinician. This is an excellent opportunity for someone with at least two years experience who wishes to expand their knowledge base and expertise and see a wide variety of patients in a busy clinic.
We are looking for someone to become an increasingly important part of the team at our conscientious, environmentally oriented clinic.
Singing River is a scent free environment. Please come for your interview free of scented lotions, soaps, or perfumes.
Apply by May 1st. We will contact you by May 10th for interviews.
Compensation: base salary plus benefits and percentage of earnings. Opportunities for growth and advancement.

Desired qualifications:
• Deep interest, curiosity and dedication to addressing health conditions ranging from acute to chronic.
• Working knowledge of natural medicine
• Willingness to pitch in where needed
• Wants to be part of developing healing center
• Interest in teaching, writing, learning
Mandatory Qualifications-
• 2+ years experience in direct patient care
• Flexibility
• Experience with people of all ages, genders
• Licensed in state of Oregon
• Interest in chronic illness and its many manifestations and a passion for working to help people on their journey to recovery.
• Efficient and organized
• Strong communication skills, verbal and written
• Excellent time management
• Conducts all activities with the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality.
• Must be able to lift 20 pounds


Singing River Natural Medicine
Contact Information:
Contact Name: Jonathan, Phone: (503) 641-6400