LAc or ND/LAc wanted in growing NW 23rd/Slabtown clinic

Location: PORTLAND, OR
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I’m looking for a teammate. Hoping to find an acupuncture-focused provider–can be LAc or ND/LAc–who wants to simplify their practice with great clinical and insurance billing systems.

Systems make the difference: Using my expertise with information systems, I have minimized the busy work of practice so that I can spend more of my time with my patients. I’d like to share this with you. For example, I manage insurance billing effectively without using a biller, and I get paid more for less sweat.

Location matters: LŪCHS Natural Medicine is located in the Pettygrove Medical Center, in the booming NW Portland Slabtown district, one block from the Slabtown New Seasons and one block from NW 23rd. We have a large dedicated parking lot. Residential condos are sprouting like roses in May. Many recent Portland arrivals are moving in, next door. You would have the clinic to use for a total of 20 hours per week, to begin with. Take a 360-degree virtual tour of the gorgeous clinic suite!

Experience helps: After five years of full time practice, I’ve become a good clinical resource for other providers working up a diagnosis, and formulating an effective, tiered treatment plan. I understand the social art of patient management, so that patients become committed to return visits and the long term support that gets real results. Finally, I have mastered the details of coding visits and getting paid well for insurance claims. In short, along with being a clinical collaborator, I can teach you about the business of medicine. We would meet weekly to review your clinical and business questions.


LŪCHS Natural Medicine
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Contact Name: Jon Luchs, Phone: (971) 533-1700