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Full Potential Men’s Clinic currently provides the most state-of-the-art comprehensive hormone therapy available for men anywhere near Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington, and in August we’re going to launch Full Potential Women’s Clinic.

We hope to hire another full-time naturopathic physician to work alongside Dr Robert Strait, ND and Dr Marnie Loomis, ND, at our SW Portland office. The naturopathic physician we hire will possess the following qualities and qualifications, and either will possess or will acquire during initial training the following skills:

1. Professional. Punctual.
2. Confident, calm, friendly, even when multitasking in an often fast-paced clinical environment.
3. Outgoing, positive personality, with high social IQ.
4. Strong, proud work ethic, can work quickly, even when unsupervised.
5. Excellent mathematical, organizational, time management, and prioritization skills.
6. Strong desire to be creative, solve problems, improve processes.
7. Enthusiastic about being a part of a successful team.

1. N.D. degree from an accredited N.D. program.
2. Currently N.D. licensed in the State of Oregon.
3. Currently DEA licensed in the State of Oregon.
4. No disciplinary action against license.
5. No litigation against professional liability insurance.
6. Must submit to and pass background check and drug screening.
7. 7. You must terminate any insurance contracts you have immediately.
8. Available to work full-time Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
9. Able to be on-call for urgent / emergent situations, if they arise.

1. Phlebotomy, including therapeutic phlebotomy.
2. I.M., S.Q., I.V., and other injections.
3. P.C., including Windows, internet, E.M.R., typing, etc.
4. Insertion of hormone pellets and related minor surgery.
5. Ability to expertly evaluate and manage all hormone deficiencies and imbalances in men and women.
6. Ability to expertly evaluate and manage sexual dysfunction in men and women.

In addition to the above, we are looking for a naturopathic physician who is truly passionate about comprehensive hormone therapy and sexual dysfunction therapy for men and women, and men’s and women’s health in general. We are not looking for someone who just wants a job and a steady income. We are not just looking to fill a position short-term. We are looking for someone enthusiastic about making this their career, being a part of our successful team of pioneers long-term. We want a team member who will help us continue to be the best at what we do long-term.

Salaried. Extremely competitive. We want you to excel and earn an excellent living. If you’re the right fit, we will pay you the six figures that doctors are supposed to make, as well as provide you with other benefits of employment. For example, after your first year, you will be entitled to one month per year of paid time off, including time off for illness / wellbeing, and vacation. In addition to other bonuses and raises for performance, each year you will be eligible for a raise, pending your annual review.

1. Send your resume and compelling cover letter to
2. You are welcome to call our office if you have any questions.
3. Provide three strong professional references.
4. You will be required to sign a non-competition, non-solicitation, non-disclosure agreement as part of your pre-employment contract.
5. Hire Date? As soon as we find the right fit, and you’ve had two weeks to consider your contract.


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