Health Coach – ND required

We are seeking a highly motivated, dynamic clinical health coach that is passionate about
supporting patients in their efforts to lead healthier lives. The clinical health coach will interact
and collaborate with the patient’s primary care provider as an embedded member of the care
team. He/she serves as first level support for patients in their efforts to manage chronic
conditions, medications and/or improve their overall health. He/she is eager to get awesome
results and push even further to reach unparalleled outcomes. Leveraging technology. the clinical
health coach will cultivate patient empowerment and self-efficacy through the use of various
skills, including motivational interviewing, problem solving, education, and self-management
goal setting.
Required Qualifications
● Doctoral degree in naturopathic medicine plus board certified
● Health Coach Certification from nationally recognized program and/or licensure
● Knowledge of and experience with motivational interviewing, behavior change theories and
health psychology
● Minimum 2 years of experience working in health coaching/promotion, chronic illness mgmt.
or other clinical role
● Advanced knowledge of chronic diseases, especially hypertension, diabetes, COPD and
● Advanced knowledge in pharmacology, specifically knowing the alternatives
● Genuine empathy for others and believes every patient is capable and the driver of their own
Preferred Qualifications
● Expertise in fitness and nutrition
● Experience with digital tools in collaboration with patients
● Experience conducting “cold” outreach activities
● Expert knowledge of motivational interviewing and other evidence-based coaching techniques
o Macbook, iPad, iPhone savvy/guru/geek/lover!
o Love to talk on the phone – but not too long – short and sweet
o Irritatingly organized
o Smartypants, aka — humorous — must be able to dish, and just have fun!
o Minimal tickets and car accidents preferred — travel is just part of the job!
o Must always be one step ahead, and never on toes
o Know what SaaS means and love “the cloud,” but not live in them (IT terms)
o Excel is your friend, in fact, it’s your $*%! Because you’re that good at it!
o You should already have a love/hate relationship with scheduling
o Even with text messaging you still write in complete sentences
o Deadlines are not scary
o Excuses are what you deal with, not what deal out
o You are an elephant (that was a compliment — you never forget!)
o You love wearing hats — but not necessarily literally
o Yep, data entry and documentation is just a part of it


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Adam Prinzing
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